Nice words.

Billy consistently demonstrated a high level of commitment and a sense of duty. He has good analytical-conceptual, and at the same time, pragmatic judgment and thinking skills and always worked efficiently, carefully, and independently.

He continuously used his good professional knowledge with great success. He exceeded the goals he had set himself and agreed upon, even under challenging circumstances.

He impressed as a junior UX/UI designer and encouraged collaboration. In addition, we were always fully satisfied with his performance, and his behavior toward superiors and colleagues was always impeccable.
Nicoló Luti
Co-Founder & Managing Director Nimo GmbH

Nice words.

I’ve always said that the company that will hire Billy will be so lucky to work with a talent and an extraordinary individual. I admire his ability to continuously improve and deliver the best practices in each project of his achievements.

He is always willing to keep working and pushing further to achieve the best outcome. His positive attitude and commitment make him a great team player.
A. Badr
Brand & Product Designer | UI Mentor

More nice words.

Billy was a very motivated student during the Voice User Interface Design Course at Careerfoundry. As his mentor, I have found Billy to be a very ambitious and curious student.

He put many topics into practice very well and ideally prepared for the working world as a conversational designer. It was a great pleasure to accompany Billy, and I am convinced that he will be successful in his new professional career.
Paulos Mesghina
CEO @Voiceagenten | Conception and Development
for Alexa und Google Assistant | Voice Assistants

Nice words.

Billy made a tremendous change throughout the whole course.  From the first to the last task.  He enhanced his weakest skills, such as color picking and building color palettes, while developing his favorite ones, such as prototyping, wireframing, and creating high-fidelity screens.

To conclude, he finished the course with an awe-inspiring portfolio with various projects to showcase.  I can strongly recommend Billy to be the perfect fit for your requirements as a UI designer.
Khalil Habashi
UI | UX Designer | Technical Designer at Wix
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