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 Billy Hammond

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Food Mood

Does the world need

another food app?

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Ride On

Solving your P2P

bicycle sharing problem

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Extend your dog's 

personality with clothes

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Do iT

Organize your life with neumorphism

Do iT.png


“I’ve always said that the company that will hire Billy will be so lucky to work with such a talent and an extraordinary individual.  I admire his ability to continuously improve and deliver the best practices in each project of his achievements.  He is always willing to keep working and pushing further to achieve the best outcome.  His positive attitude, commitment make him a great team player." 

A. Badr

Brand & Product Designer | UI Mentor Designer


A Lifetime of Creativity.

Together, we can craft a satisfying user journey that looks amazing across devices.

I can bring my vision of digital storytelling to enhance yours.


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